Meditation walks in New York

If you are unclear as to what your next move might be or can’t find an answer no matter how many times you go over the issue, then a Wisdom Walk can help. By asking nature a question, we can see the signs, omens and wisdom that nature is offering us and learn to read them. Once a person becomes one with nature; plants, animals and magical creatures respond by giving answers to one’s questions.

  • Each workshop starts with a grounding ceremony, then you will be taught how to ask the question so you get a clear answer.
  • You will be instructed how to interact with nature so you can see the signs, until you know the birds are there you don’t see them.
  • Sessions generally have you walk on an easy and accessible trail for 45 minutes to an hour. You asked to bring a journal or paper to record any inspirations you may have or write what you see.
  • After the walk we will come together to share the wisdom that nature has put out to you and understand its signs.