Building The Trail Structures

Build Dream Catcher for yard

Michael Gulbrandsen’s students learn a wealth of knowledge to carry with them through life. The teachings require practice and commitment to truly experience a life of peace and oneness with nature.

Arbor Builders Dutchess County NY

Learn how to build unique Structures using nature’s offerings. Michael Gulbrandsen works closely with students to teach them how to utilize their skills to create magnificent wildlife arbors and trail structures.


Trail Entries

A Trail needs an entry to truly experience the serenity of passing through it’s door, on a mission toward experiencing peace. Think of it as a place to enter that is truly your own, which allows you to communicate with nature.

Trail Entrance DIY
Trail Entry


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There are many workshops offered through Nature’s Whispers. You will learn a myriad of new ways to connect with nature in our classes, including:

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Hire Michael Gulbrandsen

If your are interested in having your own place in nature custom built by an expert, you’ve come to the right place. Michael Gulbrandsen has decades of experience in landscaping, as well as creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

Check out Reflections of Nature to see some of Michael’s work.